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Why Guys Lose Interest: 6 Ways to Keep Him Interested

why guys lose interestHave you been wondering lately why he no longer calls you, texts, or sends emails? These are all things he used to do to reach out to you in the past, and just when you thought things were going your way – out of nowhere – he stops. At that point, you’re left asking yourself why guys lose interest, and if there’s something you may have done wrong.

The truth is, you probably didn’t do anything wrong at all. It’s … Read More >>

How to Make Him Respect You: 7 Keys to Mutual Respect

how to make him respect youLove and respect are key aspects in any relationship. They’re sparring partners like the winged superheroes Batman and Robin – each one cannot succeed without the other. There’s a catch though – these two should be reciprocal. If you’re wondering how to make him respect you, then you need to know it goes both ways, and there must be mutual respect between you and him both. The much romanticized love-at-first-sight incidents can happen, but respect is earned not given. Respect … Read More >>

How to Stop Nagging

how to stop naggingMost men would agree that nagging is the most effective killer of good relationships. No man likes to feel like a bad guy for things he never meant as a personal offense or attack, and no woman likes to hear from her paramour that she’s being a nag about something that she’s simply trying to get done. Partners on both sides often explode in altercations over such issues, try to make up, swear oaths to never be in the … Read More >>

Am I Too Needy In A Relationship Quiz

am i too needyWhen in a relationship, you’ll be walking a particularly tricky tight-rope, till the two of you hit strike a good balance between needy and independent. For many of you, finding that middle ground and balancing your individual desires with the time you undoubtedly wish to spend with your paramour would be easy – or so you think.

Regrettably, when you’re so close to a situation, it becomes difficult to see the truth of the larger picture, especially so for needy … Read More >>

Dating Advice for Women

Going out on a successful date requires showing some personality, a dash of humor, and a sprinkle of fun and excitement. Nowadays, it’s even more challenging because of the countless activities that you can engage in as a background for your date. And if you’ve been away from the dating scene for a while, it isn’t easy to start dating again if your dating skills have been on the back burner for so long. Being a woman makes it even Read More >>

What Men Find Attractive and How to Attract Men with These 5 Traits

how to attract menTo improve your dating life, you need to first accept the perspective of the other sex. While the opinions of neither sex can be entirely generalized – in terms of appealing characteristics – there are a few common traits that never fail, thanks to the science of how attraction works for men.

Learning how to attract men is simple, believe it or not. The focus lies as much in a man’s mind, as in his body. The key to a … Read More >>

Why Didn’t He Call? Should I Text Him First?

should I text him firstSince before the time of Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone, and beyond the invention of SMS many centuries later – the basic dating questions posed by women have remained pretty much the same, albeit with slight variations owing to emergence of better technology.

From “Why didn’t his letter arrive in the mail today?” to “Why didn’t he call?”, “Will he call me again?” and now to “Should I text him first?”, the easier communication becomes with advancements in technology, the more … Read More >>

How to Talk to a Guy You Like

how to talk to a guyAre you interested in a guy in your neighborhood or at your office, but you’re not sure how to approach him? Or are you recently divorced and want to get out there and meet a new guy, but you’re clueless of the new rules in the dating game? Or perhaps you’ve spent a whole evening talking to a guy, but you’re not sure quite what to make of the conversation? Well, believe it or not, how to talk to a … Read More >>

Does He Like Me Quiz

It’s pretty confusing when a man you like sends mixed signals and you’re trying to make heads or tails of his actions. You ask yourself: “Does he like me?” “Does he feel the same way I do?” But you’re just not sure what he thinks about you. His verbal and non-verbal language is vague, and you’re left amidst the vortex of confusion. Meanwhile, your feelings for him grow stronger day by day.

Instead of sitting back and wondering ‘how to … Read More >>