Does He Like Me Quiz

It’s pretty confusing when a man you like sends mixed signals and you’re trying to make heads or tails of his actions. You ask yourself: “Does he like me?” “Does he feel the same way I do?” But you’re just not sure what he thinks about you. His verbal and non-verbal language is vague, and you’re left amidst the vortex of confusion. Meanwhile, your feelings for him grow stronger day by day.

Instead of sitting back and wondering ‘how to tell if he likes me?’ why not look for tried and trusted clues a man likes you instead? That’s where this “Does He Like Me Quiz” comes in to help. If you want to know once and for all if he feels the same way you do, just take this quiz and find out!

Does he smile at you every time you meet?


Does he treat you kindly?


Does he volunteer to do things for you?


Would he do a favor for you if you ask him to?


Does he find a way to stay close to you during group gatherings?


When you show interest in talking to him or hanging out with him, what does he do?


What’s his reaction to your unexpected presence?


If you catch his gaze from across the room, what does he do?


During holidays and special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, What does he do? (or if you haven’t known him through a holiday yet, what do you think he would do?)


How many times does he seek you out to talk?


Did you ever catch him staring at you?


Have you ever caught him being curious about you?


Can he enter freely into a relationship with you?


Did he ever invite you to an event?


Has he ever complimented you about anything?