How to Get Him to Commit: 7 Strategies to Eliminate Commitment Phobia

how to get him to commitAre you in a relationship with a man who seems to have commitment phobia? You have been in a relationship with him for a long time, yet he is not showing any signs of taking things to the next level. All your friends are walking down the aisle, yet you feel like you are the only one stagnated at the dating stage. If that is the case, then you probably think that there is something wrong with you. Well, the answer is, it is not you who has a problem, it is your boyfriend. So, if you are in love with someone and you are wondering how to get him to commit, or how to get your boyfriend to want to marry you, then you can use this guide to help you nudge him in that direction, the right way.

  1. Become more attractive:

Even though it sounds vain, you cannot ignore the role that attraction plays in a relationship. Do not think that attraction is limited to the statistic of your hip-to-waist ratio. It goes beyond that. It is about how you take care of yourself. How is your health? What are you doing to ensure that you live a healthy lifestyle that makes you attractive? Remember that some men equate your ability to take good care of yourself with how you will take care of your children when he finally settles with you.

  1. Be easygoing:

Truth be told, there is no man who wants to be with a drama queen. Men love women who are easygoing, and those who can maintain their calm whenever there is a crisis. They also want to be with someone who does not nag them or pressure them too much. If you are thinking of how to get a guy to commit, then try being a fun person to be around. This will make him feel like he should keep you by his side forever.

  1. Make him feel good about himself:

Just the same way you love getting compliments, your man also wishes you would acknowledge him when he does something right. Massage his ego once in a while. In short, make him feel appreciated so that he feels the need to be around you all the time. You have to realize that men have fragile egos, and for you to erase his commitment phobia, you have to learn how to push the ego button so that he feels safe with you.

  1. Show him that he makes you happy:

There is nothing that makes a man feel satisfied more than the knowledge that he makes his woman happy. Men are supposed to take care of women and ensure that the women feel good around them. Therefore, if you are always complaining about how unhappy you are in the relationship, you make him feel inadequate. So, perhaps the reason why he is avoiding commitment is because you have made him feel like he isn’t good enough to keep you happy now, much less in the long term. You can change that by showing him how he makes you happy. Point out the reasons why you are happy to be with him, and once he realizes that you are happy to be with him, he will commit.

  1. Be different:

You have probably heard of the saying: Men know the girls to date, and the women to marry. What this means is that men look for a specific quality in a woman before they take things to the next level. In a world where women are increasingly losing their principles and morals, be different. Maintain your standards and let him raise his to get you. He will notice your worth, and work towards being committed to you.

  1. Open up to him:

As much as men are not as emotional as women, they love it when their women trust them with their feelings. When you open up to your man and tell him about your past, your dreams, and what makes you who you are, then you give them a platform to open up to you. Men are generally closed when it comes to sharing feelings, so you have to make him feel safe to open up to you. It also makes him feel like he can trust you enough to commit to you. Try not to be aloof in the relationship. Make him know that you are in it fully.

  1. Don’t try pressuring him into commitment:

Do not think that how to get a guy to commit is by telling him over and over that he needs to. A man commits not because he is told, but because he feels that he should do it. So, no matter how many times you sit him down to tell him that you want him to take things to the next level, he will not do it if you don’t make him feel like being with you is the best choice.

The Bottom Line:

As much as all men are different, and they come from varied backgrounds, they tend to be attracted to what makes them feel good. Even the men who display tendencies of having commitment phobia have a deep desire to settle with someone. They are just scared of being stuck with the wrong person and leading a miserable life thereafter. If you want to know how to get him to commit, then you have to work on the relationship, work on yourself to become a better girlfriend, and make him feel like he would be happy and have fun with you for the rest of his life.