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Why Men Pull Away, and What to Do When He Pulls Away

why men pull awayIt happens to every female within the dating age, and it leaves them all baffled when it happens. Dubbed the ‘blow off’, this is when men start to pull away or distance themselves from the relationship. One day your chemistry is hot, the next day it’s colder than the North Pole. So what happened? Why do men pull away?

Panic Attack!

One reason why men pull away that you should keep in mind is simply because males are more reluctant … Read More >>

Why Do Men Lie to Women they Love: Top 6 Reasons Why Men Lie in Relationships

why do men lieIt takes many years to build trust in a romantic relationship, and yet barely even a minute to destroy it. Women who believe themselves to be truthful and trustworthy often find that they’re significant other occasionally lies to them. To women, lies from the men they love are inexcusable, and they hurt like hell. They want to understand: Why do men lie?, and more specifically, Why do men lie to women they love?

You’re a woman who wants the truth,

Why Do Men Cheat? Top 8 Reasons Why Men Cheat

why men cheatA lot of women nowadays complain about having dated a man who cheated on them. Apart from this, the society’s divorce rate has skyrocketed to around 50 percent. Because of these two factors, women have become much more cautious, or even paranoid, about potentially being cheated on. The question is: is there a way to prevent this from happening? According to experts, knowing the reasons why men cheat or have affairs is the key. Here is a list of reasons … Read More >>

How to Get Him to Commit: 7 Strategies to Eliminate Commitment Phobia

how to get him to commitAre you in a relationship with a man who seems to have commitment phobia? You have been in a relationship with him for a long time, yet he is not showing any signs of taking things to the next level. All your friends are walking down the aisle, yet you feel like you are the only one stagnated at the dating stage. If that is the case, then you probably think that there is something wrong with you. Well, the … Read More >>

What Men Find Attractive and How to Attract Men with These 5 Traits

how to attract menTo improve your dating life, you need to first accept the perspective of the other sex. While the opinions of neither sex can be entirely generalized – in terms of appealing characteristics – there are a few common traits that never fail, thanks to the science of how attraction works for men.

Learning how to attract men is simple, believe it or not. The focus lies as much in a man’s mind, as in his body. The key to a … Read More >>

Why Didn’t He Call? Should I Text Him First?

should I text him firstSince before the time of Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone, and beyond the invention of SMS many centuries later – the basic dating questions posed by women have remained pretty much the same, albeit with slight variations owing to emergence of better technology.

From “Why didn’t his letter arrive in the mail today?” to “Why didn’t he call?”, “Will he call me again?” and now to “Should I text him first?”, the easier communication becomes with advancements in technology, the more … Read More >>