How to Make Him Love You: 7 Ways to Make Him Fall in Love

make him fall in loveFinally, it happens! You’ve met Mr. Wonderful, and you are hoping that he’ll say those three magical words any time now. Unfortunately, nothing’s happening and you’re left scratching your head. Where have things gone wrong?

First, keep in mind, it’s not uncommon to find yourself in a scenarios where you’re simply not able to decode the status of your own relationship. You’re just in a “gray area” for the moment. The fact is, you can’t make anyone love you, but you CAN do certain things which may inspire your man to move forward and reciprocate your love for him.

Here’s How to Make Him Fall in Love in 7 Easy Steps:

  1. Don’t act crazy unnecessarily – Let’s admit it, there are times when girls, for whatever reason, get the urge to text their man 40 times a day. Am I right? But if you are going to make a regular practice out of that, he is not going to take it too well. Just. Be. Cool. Be easygoing. Give your man the space that every man needs, and then watch him fall madly in love with you, effortlessly. Everyone has enough problems; don’t be another problem for him. Be easygoing and it will be much easier for him to fall in love.
  2. Compliments work – Men have been taught to compliment women from childhood, but men (human too) also like to be complimented. It feeds their ego. However, it is an art, so if you compliment him every single occasion, you are going to sound fake and fake is not good. One of the many ways to compliment him is to simply and casually mention that you’re happy to see him, or that you’re glad he could come over for dinner. Slowly but steadily, also start reciprocating his compliments and you will soon find that he needs you to be around more than ever.
  3. Show some initiative – You man also wants to know that you want him as much as he wants you. So, take the initiative once in a while and chase him a little bit back. This is the best way to feed his ego and it also relieves a lot of pressure off of him.The key here is to be very aware of the fine-line difference between “chase” and “smother.” Don’t smother him.
  4. Smell matters too – Most women spend a lot of time on their looks, which is great of course, but it’s important to remember that smell also matters a lot. Great smell combined with good looks will make him mad about you. Researchers say that the olfactory system (responsible for smell) is connected to the limbic system (responsible for feelings) in our brains. It means that smell is capable of triggering feelings. Use it. There is one other benefit of smelling great. Your man will instantly think of you whenever he comes across your smell even when you are not around. What else do you want?
  5. Transparency pays – It’s true that men like to take their chances, but as far as women are concerned, men are not going to say those three magical words unless they are 100% sure. So, if you are too closed off, or are playing too hard to get, you are hurting your own chances of ever hearing the L-word come out of his mouth. If he is not sure about you, it will be very difficult. So, if you are sure that this is the guy you want to be with, and you really want to know how to make him love you, then take a deep breath, and open up – all the way. You will be rewarded with bliss and reciprocation.
  6. Be a little Needy – This may sound like it’s contradictory to a lot of relationship advice but you do want to be needy sometimes. It’s true that men like smart and confident women, but men also get a boost from helping a dame in distress. And when men realize that they are the only one around to help a woman, their primal instincts take over and they want to protect her and help her even more. So, there is nothing wrong in asking him to help you open up that jar sometimes. Yes, even if you could do it yourself.
  7. Whispered words – Men like women whispering in their ears. It is very sexy, very naughty, very intimate, and makes him feel special. Since people only whisper something they only want their confidants to know, it has a special meaning for men. Use whispering as a tool to help you bond with your man.

Here’s the bottom line:

To make him fall in love with you, you want to be vulnerable, you want to be fun and flirty, and you need to open up to make your man fall in love with you. Men are emotional creatures, and you need to trigger those emotional buttons to make him fall in love. Don’t act too needy, nor too tough. But whatever you do, don’t sweat the small stuff, and he’ll keep coming back to you again and again. Make him feel special and at ease. That’s how to make a guy fall in love with you.