How to Make Him Respect You: 7 Keys to Mutual Respect

how to make him respect youLove and respect are key aspects in any relationship. They’re sparring partners like the winged superheroes Batman and Robin – each one cannot succeed without the other. There’s a catch though – these two should be reciprocal. If you’re wondering how to make him respect you, then you need to know it goes both ways, and there must be mutual respect between you and him both. The much romanticized love-at-first-sight incidents can happen, but respect is earned not given. Respect has to be developed and maintained through the years as you get to know each other and learn more about each other’s endearing traits as well as each other’s flaws. Learning how to get respect, and how to give it – are important so that you know exactly what it takes to have a relationship with the potential for life-long mutual respect.

How can you make him respect you? Here are 7 key tips for How to Earn Respect:

  1. Respect yourself first

Expecting him to respect you despite your sloppy and shoddy demeanor is absurd. It’s only in respecting yourself first that other people will learn to respect you as well. Respecting yourself shows in the manner that you conduct yourself: your poise and confidence; your sense of humor; your perpetual kindness and helpfulness; your integrity; and all the other good traits that make up a sterling character. Moreover, you must genuinely like and love yourself to be able to respect yourself. These virtuous traits are projected through your persona thereby setting up the foundation for mutual respect within a relationship. Learn to respect yourself by treating yourself the same way you’d treat a person you dearly love.

  1. Respect your partner

Respect him. This is a walk in the park if you already respect yourself. Respect his privacy. Don’t dig into his wallet and other private belongings, searching in a paranoid way for some incriminating evidence. Respect the privacy of his communication; as much as you want to peek into the contents of his cell phone – don’t! It’s his own private space. Respect his time by arriving on the dot for your dates. Knock before you enter his apartment, room, or office. Learn how to say “Thank you”, “Please” and “I’m sorry”; these simple phrases demonstrate your respect and appreciation for him. Men want to be respected and appreciated, just like you.

  1. Treat sex as a special event

“Quickies” are pinches of sugar in long relationships but they’re not at all romantic during your first dates. Men are roaring bulls but they also treasure the sensual thrill of waiting for the right mood and time. Sex is a special event that has to be taken gradually, each encounter an erotic foreplay for the main event. The sweet anticipation and excitement of what’s to come is a special moment you can both look forward to, if you develop respect first before you tumble in bed. Take your time for the main event and you’ll be rewarded tremendously when the time comes. Waiting for sex will also send him the message that you don’t go for one-night stands, and that your relationship with him is special. These days, women who wait until the right time are becoming more and more rare, and this will set you apart from the rest. Casual sex isn’t a given if you desire to nurture your relationship with him. For this to happen, there must be mutual respect between the two of you. If he truly loves you, he’ll wait until you’re ready.

  1. Engage in mental intercourse

Men respect women who can withstand mental intercourse and hold their own. Being able to discuss topics intelligently and sensibly with him is a feather to your cap. Knowing how to argue and debate logically without being internecine and overbearing is an art that you ought to learn. Learn how to express your opinions clearly, diplomatically and politely. With this skill, his respect for you will come naturally.

  1. Cultivate a great sense of humor

A great sense of humor brings a whiff of fresh air into your relationship. Cultivate this precious commodity and it can tide you over rough spots with him. Learn how to laugh at yourself and he’ll admire your self-confidence and wit. This projects a woman who’s confident enough to laugh at herself without putting herself down. This is a rare trait that is always endearing to men.

  1. Observe honesty at all times

“Honesty is the best policy,” though a very old expression, still holds true today. Be honest with him in every word you say, and he’ll trust you and love you more. Of course, honesty is not being downright cruel or tactless; honesty is expressing the truth in a polite and respectful manner. It’s not what you say but how you say it that counts. Once he realizes you’re honest with him, he’ll love and respect you more.

  1. Lay the ground rules

In any relationship, ground rules are crucial. Ground rules such as respect for each other’s time by arriving on time for dates; observing appropriate language and behavior; and valuing each other’s belief and ideas, are basic courtesies that are essential to your relationship. You can teach him how to treat you properly in this manner, by laying forth your expectations. If you act like a queen, he’ll treat you like a queen. Take note that acting like a diva or spoiled brat who wants him wrapped around her little finger is different from acting in a queenly manner. Allow him to be his own self though, while respecting you and your relationship. If he sincerely loves you, he will change for the better even without you prodding him to do so.

Final Point about Earning Respect

In summary, the most important point you must remember in earning respect is that respect begets respect. Respect him as you respect yourself and your relationship will have better chances of surviving. You can do this by being a woman of character, who is honest, forthright, sincere, kind, has a great sense of humor and is fun to be with. Men gravitate towards women who can be opinionated but are tactful and smart. Men will respect you when you’re worth their respect. So, instead of wondering how to make him respect you, just concentrate on being of good character, being confident, holding your head up high, and going out there and earning the love and respect that every woman needs from her man.