Why Do Men Cheat? Top 8 Reasons Why Men Cheat

why men cheatA lot of women nowadays complain about having dated a man who cheated on them. Apart from this, the society’s divorce rate has skyrocketed to around 50 percent. Because of these two factors, women have become much more cautious, or even paranoid, about potentially being cheated on. The question is: is there a way to prevent this from happening? According to experts, knowing the reasons why men cheat or have affairs is the key. Here is a list of reasons why men have affairs and facts to inform women what they can do to save their hearts from breaking:

So, Why Do Men Cheat?  Here are the 8 Most Common Reasons:

  1. Cheating Occurs When He’s Just Not Happy Anymore – A poll of cheating men was conducted by Redbook Magazine. The survey showed that being unhappy in the relationship was at the very top of the list of reasons why men cheat. Furthermore, recognized author Gary Neuman established that, at 92%, emotional dissatisfaction was the absolute top reason why men cheat.
  2. He Didn’t Mean To – If a man says that he didn’t mean to do it, then he is probably telling the truth. Generally speaking, men love the thrill of the chase. However, the moment a girl starts to flirt or give them attention, it may lead to an emotional affair. As a result, cheating happens. The thing is, when asked why it happened, men typically just say they did not mean to hurt their partner.
  3. He Wants to Avoid the Financial and Legal Repercussions of Divorce – Nowadays, men are considered the bread winner in the family. However, there are men who cheat on their wife or partner because they want to get out of the situation. They use it to express their unhappiness and get away from the marriage, but without having to empty their wallets.
  4. He Wants To Escape From The Relationship or Marriage – According to Andrea Sachs, a TIME Magazine author, some men use the Ejector Seat principle. It is a way of excusing themselves out of their marriage. These men cheat on their partners while secretly hoping that their infidelity will soon be discovered. Most probably, she will make a decision to leave him once she finds out the truth.
  5. Not Knowing What He Really Wants – Some men are confused as to what they really want. Since they do not know what to do, they cheat on their wife as a way of knowing whether they are just confused at the moment or not happy anymore.
  6. Bad Influence From His Friends – If a man has a friend or friends who were able to cheat on their wife yet were able to get away with it, most probably he will think that cheating is an easy thing to do.
  7. Because He Wants To Seek Revenge – Some men want to seek revenge as a way of telling their wife or partner, who had an affair in the past, how painful it was to be cheated on. They use it as a valid reason to cheat on her. However, it is considered as a least common reason.
  8. Blame His Ego For His Cheating Escapades – There are men who cheat because doing so feeds their ego, specifically to those who are already married. Once they feel that they have successfully gotten the attention of a pretty woman, it makes them feel good about themselves. This also applies to men who are not getting the kind of attention they need at home.

A final thought as to why men cheat:

Indeed, there are a lot of possible reasons why men cheat or have affairs. Every man who cheated on his girlfriend or wife has a story to tell. However, experts say that the primary culprit why men cheat is the emotional dissatisfaction that they feel towards their relationship. This means that women should try hard to be that particular someone whom he can rely on. For a man to stay faithful to his woman, she must give him enough attention. In addition, men seek appreciation and care. If you are able to give him what he wants and needs in a relationship or marriage, then he will no longer have any reason to cheat or have affairs.