Am I Too Needy In A Relationship Quiz

am i too needyWhen in a relationship, you’ll be walking a particularly tricky tight-rope, till the two of you hit strike a good balance between needy and independent. For many of you, finding that middle ground and balancing your individual desires with the time you undoubtedly wish to spend with your paramour would be easy – or so you think.

Regrettably, when you’re so close to a situation, it becomes difficult to see the truth of the larger picture, especially so for needy women. That is, until your partner gets fed up with the neediness and walks away for good.

So, if you’ve ever wondered “Am I too needy?”, this is the perfect quiz to help you find out.

How Many Times a Day Do The Two Of You Talk?


Who Calls Whom More Often?


How Do You React If He Says He’s Busy When You Call?


How Often Do The Two Of You Meet Up With His Friends – On Your Request?


If you’re upset, and he has a Meeting / Exam / Deadline, what do you do?


How Do You Deal With Him Having Female Friends?


When Did You First Say You Loved Him?


How Many Times A Day Do You Say You Love Him?


When The Two of You Go Out, How Often Are You Two Touchy?


How Often Do You Play The ‘Does She Look Better Than Me’ Game?


How do you react when he needs to spend time away from you with family or friends for a few days, for whatever obligation that you can’t participate in?


Have you ever not replied to his texts or calls, just to teach him a lesson, get his attention, or see his concern?