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The Ultimate Relationship Compatibility Test: Are We Compatible?

relationship compatibility testWhen you’re in a relationship, having some sort of confirmation about you and your partner’s compatibility can give you the assurance you are looking for, especially in times when you have doubts about where it’s going. Even when things are going perfectly, having that stamp of assurance that you two are meant for each other gives a certain degree of joy and security.

This is a fun and easy self-reporting relationship compatibility test. Get started now to see if the … Read More >>

Should I Break Up With Him ?

During a relationship, you may occasionally get an itching feeling that things aren’t quite right. It’s just not going the way you had envisioned, and you’re not as happy as you think you should be. Of course there are advantages and disadvantages, and you could always come up with reasons to break up. But the last thing you want is to do something drastic, then have regrets about it later. The guy you’re with does have some really great qualities, … Read More >>

Am I Too Needy In A Relationship Quiz

am i too needyWhen in a relationship, you’ll be walking a particularly tricky tight-rope, till the two of you hit strike a good balance between needy and independent. For many of you, finding that middle ground and balancing your individual desires with the time you undoubtedly wish to spend with your paramour would be easy – or so you think.

Regrettably, when you’re so close to a situation, it becomes difficult to see the truth of the larger picture, especially so for needy … Read More >>

Does He Love Me Quiz

does he love meIf you’ve been in a relationship for some time now, you may start to wonder when your boyfriend will tell you that he loves you. You might even have tried dropping hints in a shameless effort to get him to say those three sparkly words. However, it’s simply just not possible to force a guy to use the L word if he is not ready to. When he does get almost-ready to use it though, you will start to notice … Read More >>