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How to Get Him Back: 9 Steps to Getting Back Together with Your Ex

how to get him backIt’s not uncommon for a relationship to fall apart, or completely blow up for that matter. We’ve all been through that scenario before. But seriously, don’t stress yourself out or become overly devastated, or obsessed with how to get him back. Just calmly remember that it is entirely within the realm of possibility to get back together, with the right techniques. Think of it this way: you loved each other before, so the concept of reestablishing a connection again is … Read More >>

How to Make Him Love You: 7 Ways to Make Him Fall in Love

make him fall in loveFinally, it happens! You’ve met Mr. Wonderful, and you are hoping that he’ll say those three magical words any time now. Unfortunately, nothing’s happening and you’re left scratching your head. Where have things gone wrong?

First, keep in mind, it’s not uncommon to find yourself in a scenarios where you’re simply not able to decode the status of your own relationship. You’re just in a “gray area” for the moment. The fact is, you can’t make anyone love you, but … Read More >>

Why Men Pull Away, and What to Do When He Pulls Away

why men pull awayIt happens to every female within the dating age, and it leaves them all baffled when it happens. Dubbed the ‘blow off’, this is when men start to pull away or distance themselves from the relationship. One day your chemistry is hot, the next day it’s colder than the North Pole. So what happened? Why do men pull away?

Panic Attack!

One reason why men pull away that you should keep in mind is simply because males are more reluctant … Read More >>

Why Do Men Cheat? Top 8 Reasons Why Men Cheat

why men cheatA lot of women nowadays complain about having dated a man who cheated on them. Apart from this, the society’s divorce rate has skyrocketed to around 50 percent. Because of these two factors, women have become much more cautious, or even paranoid, about potentially being cheated on. The question is: is there a way to prevent this from happening? According to experts, knowing the reasons why men cheat or have affairs is the key. Here is a list of reasons … Read More >>

How to Make Him Respect You: 7 Keys to Mutual Respect

how to make him respect youLove and respect are key aspects in any relationship. They’re sparring partners like the winged superheroes Batman and Robin – each one cannot succeed without the other. There’s a catch though – these two should be reciprocal. If you’re wondering how to make him respect you, then you need to know it goes both ways, and there must be mutual respect between you and him both. The much romanticized love-at-first-sight incidents can happen, but respect is earned not given. Respect … Read More >>

How to Stop Nagging

how to stop naggingMost men would agree that nagging is the most effective killer of good relationships. No man likes to feel like a bad guy for things he never meant as a personal offense or attack, and no woman likes to hear from her paramour that she’s being a nag about something that she’s simply trying to get done. Partners on both sides often explode in altercations over such issues, try to make up, swear oaths to never be in the … Read More >>