The Ultimate Relationship Compatibility Test: Are We Compatible?

relationship compatibility testWhen you’re in a relationship, having some sort of confirmation about you and your partner’s compatibility can give you the assurance you are looking for, especially in times when you have doubts about where it’s going. Even when things are going perfectly, having that stamp of assurance that you two are meant for each other gives a certain degree of joy and security.

This is a fun and easy self-reporting relationship compatibility test. Get started now to see if the two of you make a good match!

When choosing which restaurant to go to, how do you make the decision?


Are your ideas of a fun weekend the same?


Do both of you love cooking?


When you’re having a bad day and you take it out on your partner, what does he do?


When at a party, what do both of you usually do?


When you watch TV, who gets to control the remote?


When your partner gives you the silent treatment, what do you do?


What are your ideal places to settle down?


When you’re shopping for clothes, do you consider your partner’s opinions?


Is there anything you would like to change about your partner?